In 1786 this very rural, very saturated 168 acres of undeveloped real estate was simply a part of Pequannock Township and was never intended to be anything but wetlands.  The New Jersey state legislature then passed an act authorizing The Bog & Vly Company to drain the lands in the nearby area of the Beaver Brook in 1811 so that assessments could be levied against property owners who settled on this land.

In 1912 this now thriving carrot and celery farm in an area once known as Jacksonville and Beavertown because of the many beaver found in nearby streams, produced bountiful harvests for the many thousands of area residents and immigrants alike.

By the late twenties Lincoln Park was already incorporated as a Borough and growing rapidly enough for some area residents to take an interest in aeronautics following Charles Lindbergh’s successful solo flight over the Atlantic in 1927.

In January, 1939 the former wetlands turned farmland was then transformed and constructed into the Lincoln Park Airport where it has gone on to serve its people by educating, employing and entertaining through flight.  The grounds of the LPA has seen many visitors, dignitaries, movie sets, and both air and foot traffic over the last seventy years and with that history comes a need for the next chapter, the next vision for what this land will offer to its residents and visitors.

The cornerstone of the first thoughts of the Sunset Pub & Grill as they were being formulated was to carry on the rich tradition of this area and to provide a product and a service that would appeal to all.  Our mission is very simple: “Everything to Everybody”.  Now that general statement is plenty to shoulder when everyone desires something different in a neighborhood pub & grill.  However, with exceptional food, beautiful décor, creative libations and friendly service overlooking a beautiful and unique setting, the SP&G continues to become the home away from home for anyone and everyone that desires all the things that are good.  Whether it’s dinner with the family, girl’s night out, catching the game with the boys or lunch with office associates, the Sunset Pub & Grill, at the corner of Jacksonville and Beaver Brook, is simply the place where great people continue to do great things so that everyone leaves with plans to return!

See you out in the celery field watchin’ the planes fly by!

40° 56.85’N 74° 18.87’W
Elev. – 182′